#1 REASON YOU NEED CLEAR SECURITY SYSTEMS - to PROTECT your co-workers/emploees and operating environment from potential gun and gang violence.  Alarms and cameras are REACTIVE to crime.  These items "may" help apprehend a criminal, but will not PREVENT the violence.  Architectural security, a PROACTIVE feature in your building, deters attack, and in the event of violence, defends against bodily harm.  We provide peace of mind to you and your valuable employees.

#2 REASON YOU NEED CLEAR SECURITY SYSTEMS - There are very few general contractors and glass contractors who are well-versed in bullet resistant systems, UL rated materials, and proper designs. Bullet Resistant Glazing (BRG) systems are a unique niche product that needs to be functional, fully secure, and pleasing to look at.  Please let us assist in designing your system now so it does not require BRG related modifications soon after it is installed.

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