Ensure Complete, Floor to Ceiling Bullet Resistant Security – Bullet Proof Fiberglass Panels

Updated: Nov 6, 2018

3 Levels of our Fiberglass Panels

When laying out a physical security protection scheme, typically including bullet resistant windows, you need to consider protecting sheetrock walls adjacent to the new BR windows and doors. Our bullet resistant (BR) fiberglass panels are used just for this purpose. These are sometimes known as “Kevlar” panels. These BR panels are made up of woven fiberglass matting and resin which undergo a heating and compression process to form rigid, dense, bullet resistant panels. These panels carry the same UL #752 rating as our windows, doors, and framing. These panels are not only bullet resistant but are extremely intrusion resistant.

- New Construction Applications: We can ship BR panels to your contractor or millworker so these can be buried into new sheetrock walls or millwork counters as these items are being built. Panels can be shipped within 7 days of ordering for expedited requirements.

- Retro-fit (Existing) Applications: Since BR panels are an integral part of any complete BR barrier system installation, we field measure and install these panels onto walls, bank/payment counters, judges’ benches, and any other areas where protection is required. These retro-fit panels are surface mounted and can be painted or finished in a matching plastic laminate. Panels are installed at the same time as the BR glazing system on retro-fit installations and provide a complete floor to ceiling security envelope.

Whether you represent a financial institution, a county, state, or municipality, these highly protective bullet resistant panels need to be part of your security plan.

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