“Can you HEAR ME!?!” – Customer Relations with our Bullet Resistant Glass

Updated: Nov 6, 2018

A primary concern of customers contemplating the installation of our Bullet Resistant Glass is whether or not they will lose personal connection with their customers, or that they will not be able to hear their customers through the glass. Our Arch Window System solves any issues you could have with hearing “through” our glazing. Imagine yourself a “customer” and a large piece of our bullet resistant acrylic with a (custom sized) arch cut out. A larger piece of acrylic in that same shape is placed directly behind that cut out and bolted in place. There is about a two inch gap in between the arches, allowing sound to travel very freely, as well as providing airflow. An attacker’s gun will not be able to fit/aim through this opening. This type of window is typically installed with a (custom sized) deal tray so materials are able to be passed through. Our Arch Window System can be used in bank teller stations, credit unions, energy cooperative payment centers, county clerks’ offices, or any other payment window needs. These windows can either be installed by us, or crated and shipped for your personal installation. So, the answer is, “YES! We can hear you!!”

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