Add A+ Bulletproof Security to Schools NOW...

Sadly, we live in an age where our children are not safe in our schools; a place where parents should feel the most comfortable sending their children. Gun violence has proven time and again to be a horrible issue we have to face, and worrying about it every day as a parent, sending your child to school, should not be the norm. In a perfect world, public school systems would have the funds to make certain all windows and doors are bullet resistant. However, we do not live in a perfect world, and our school systems do not have unlimited funding. Some possible solutions to this problem are as follows:

UL Rated Bullet Resistant entryway doors to schools should be a consideration. Starting the fight against gun violence at the front door is a first step toward preventing a catastrophe. All exterior doors need to be locked when the last child enters; no exceptions and visitors are buzzed in using intercoms/door strikes. Installing bullet resistant doors to every classroom would be ideal, however expensive. Installing a few bullet resistant classroom doors in every hallway could give children a choice of safe rooms to escape to if there is a threat. Large areas, such as lunch rooms, auditoriums, and gyms could have bullet resistant windows and doors where more children could escape to, to be safe in a “lock-down” situation. Until public schools are provided the money to make the school a fortress against gun violence, any step to add security greatly reduces the risk of our children being in harm’s way.

Clear Security Systems can work with you to devise a plan to protect your children from the threat of a gun attack. Please call us today; Stay Safe.

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