Counter Protection – Clear Security Systems (CSS) can design a custom system for your new or existing counter system. 


  • New - On new counters, we can work with you and your architect to provide generic specifications and CAD details of a variety of        system designs.  On new systems, CSS can provide bullet resistant fiberglass (Kevlar) panels to your contractor so these                      panels can be built into the new counters as these are fabricated.


  • Existing – For a location that has existing counter systems, we can perform a site visit and show the various options to provide a secure, high functioning system that fits seamlessly into the existing environment. We provide measurements, fabrication, and installation of BR fiberglass (Kevlar) panels into the existing counter for full floor to ceiling protection. 


 *Most custom BRG system installations at counters are turnkey projects which require one evening for completion.*

Lobby ProtectionNew or Existing:  Clear Security Systems has extensive experience with lobby projects, large and small, where our BRG systems are an integral part of reception and security checkpoints, upon entering and exiting the lobby areas.  Our custom bullet resistant storefront framing and glazing systems work well with old or new architecture and provide the BRG protection required with the threats in today’s world.  Our bullet resistant aluminum stile doors can match existing doors in the lobby area to maintain a consistent appearance.  CSS has also provided bullet resistant glazing on exterior lobby windows which can be installed into new or existing aluminum framing.

Payment/Reception Windows – Clear Security’s window system are fabricated individually to size, as well as with specific framing and glazing, making each window a “custom” product for your new or existing design.

  • Functionality – At CSS, we know the most important functional component of any bullet resistant window system is the sound system.  We will work with you in customizing a design to meet all of your needs and all of your expectations.  Your employees and customers need to be heard as clearly as possible to conduct their business and the proper sound device can vary from window to window.  In addition to sound devices, one or more stainless steel deal trays will be required to pass papers or payments.  We can provide custom countertops with radius corners in any laminate color to fit the window.


  • New – New window systems are fabricated from specifications and approved shop drawings.  These are typically shipped to the site and installed by the GC when needed.


  • Existing – We field measure existing window openings for an exact fit and install it within 4 weeks.  We explore different sound systems and designs while on site.  We also look to see if BR fiberglass panels should be installed onto the walls below and on the sides of the window opening.

Doors/Door Frames – Clear Security Systems can provide almost any possible door design and size desired in a bullet resistant version for your new or existing project.  All doors feature select hinge systems which are standard for bullet resistant applications.  Wood doors are lined with a bullet resistant fiberglass panel and can come with an array of finishes including any plastic laminate or wood veneer for painting or staining to meet your design needs.  Aluminum stile doors can be provided with varying stile widths.


  • New - On new BR doors, we can provide a hollow metal or aluminum tube door frame with or without bullet resistant fiberglass (Kevlar) inserts.  We provide a drawing to the GC which shows the door specifications and the door opening requirements.  Once approved, we can ship doors for your GC to install which is typical for new construction applications.


  • Existing – We can replace your old wood or steel door with a bullet resistant look-alike attached to your existing wood or metal door jamb.  Doors are built to size to fit your existing door opening of any size and can arrive with various size bullet resistant vision panels or a door scope.  We typically install doors within 4 weeks of measuring at the site.


  • *Transaction Doors – A unique product is our Transaction Door which has replaced the old two piece “Dutch Door”.  This transaction door features a small countertop with a recessed deal tray positioned under a large vision panel with a sound device.  It is a perfect product where one needs to speak and perform transactions through a secure door instead of a typical window.

Acrylic Louver Systems - At locations with very high ceilings, it is not typical to extend expensive bullet resistant acrylic to that high ceiling or any higher than 8’ – 9’ above the finished floor.  On the other hand, to leave a 1’ – 3’ gap between the top of the 8’ – 9’ high BRG system and the ceiling/soffit would be a security issue since there is a history of perpetrators climbing over systems through unprotected openings above the system.  The solution to this situation is to install a non-ballistic acrylic louver system above the BRG system to the underside of the ceiling.  This ½” thick acrylic louver system deters anyone from jumping on the edge of the counter and trying to climb over the BRG system.  It is also designed to allow airflow above the BRG system. 

Virus Shields - Clear Security Systems provides free standing or fixed virus shields to protect your employees and customers from contagions.  Our 1/2' thick crystal clear acrylic panels are custom designed to fit on any counter or desk, complete with support panels, and pass-through openings.  We can provide systems up to 6’ high and unlimited widths.  Our systems are easily installed and are a substantial and durable addition to any environment needing protection from viruses and other illnesses.

Bullet Resistant System Accessories - Clear Security Systems can provide items such as custom size stainless steel deal trays (recessed or surface mount), custom sized Bulk Package Exchange Units, BR fiberglass (Kevlar) panels, aluminum framing, and other typical items for a complete bullet resistant system.

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