MEET OUR CEO - Thomas "Tom" R. Ermenville 

Tom Ermenville.jpg

How does one get into the “bullet-proof” glass business? In Tom’s case, it has been a journey of over forty years...


       Tom started selling security products during the summer of 1977 and has been doing so ever since. The first products he sold were security alarms and cameras for a national alarm company (Wells Fargo Alarm Services). Tom worked for WFAS in North Jersey for six years selling to commercial and then financial customers, earning the “National Salesman of the Year” award in 1982, his final year with the company. 

   After success with security alarms systems, Tom graduated to bank security equipment sales for a Philadelphia based company and sold vaults, safes and drive-up equipment to large financial customers in New York and New Jersey for ten years.

      Around 1990, while selling bank security equipment, Tom was asked by a banker if he ever sold “bullet proof” glass (BRG systems) for teller counters? “Of course”, was the correct sales response. Since BRG systems were not part of his bank equipment catalogue at the time, Tom needed to find a company that fabricated and installed custom BRG systems for bank teller counters. He did so and incorporated BRG systems into his company’s bank equipment offerings.

     Finding immediate success with BRG systems, Tom was offered a position with a national BRG fabricator/installer, and left bank equipment behind in 1993. Tom’s NY/NJ regional BRG business soon grew to an East Coast business, then to a national territory, which ultimately grew into his own business.   Attention to detail, a “customer-first” attitude, in conjunction with high quality products and dependable installations, will always make for a successful business combination.

     During off hours, Tom really enjoys his family, playing golf, the Mets, gardening, reading, drawing, the Jersey shore, and sailing.