The tables below provide the ballistic information for the UL 752 specification, which provides bullet resistant ratings for financial institutions, retail applications,  hospitals, county, local governments. Protection from a ballistic threat first involves identifying the expected threat level. Financial institutions considering bandit barriers typically choose either Level I and Level II, which are handgun rated products. Level III is also a handgun rated product, but is typically used for protection at higher risk locations such as currency storage areas, money centers, counties or municipalities. Sometimes insurance companies or bonding companies will recommend or require certain levels of protection. Your Clear Security Systems representative can guide you to the proper level of security, which is commonly used in your area or depending on your application. (Levels IV through VIII are high powered rifle rated products and typically are not used in any type of financial or retail applications.


Bullet resistant products are rated by Underwriters’ Laboratories, the National Institute of Justice, H.P. White Laboratory Inc. and others. Clear Security Systems provides barriers for retail establishments, financial institutions, and governmental facilities using ballistic materials which meet the appropriate threat levels as identified by various ballistic standards.

The following tables provide a general guideline for Ballistic Rating and Specifications for Underwriters Laboratories tested and rated bullet resistant products

BRG Spec screen pic.jpg